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Sunset on Pelican Lake 2007, Carl E. Gluck, All Rights Reserved

You've found the art website of Carl Gluck. We hope you'll enjoy your visit. Carl's hobby is art. He started this enjoyable pastime during the summer of 2001. There is not enough room in his small house to display all of his work, and his closet is full. So he's created this website to hang the art for everyone to see. There's a lot here so take your time. Tell your friends to visit too. Let us know what you think. 

Before continuing into the gallery here are some quick pointers. This site contains a lot of graphics. The site's images have been optimized with a resolution high enough to see plenty of detail, but low enough so they don't bog down your Internet connection.

Many of the art images have narratives with them that tell about the particular piece. Each section in the website has a narrative to give you more insight about what you are viewing (and about the artist). Hopefully, if we've done our job right, your visit will be similar to wandering through an art gallery or exhibition.

Changes and additions to this site are made regularly. There's a button to lead you to "What's New". So, mark this page in your favorites and come back from time to time. Thank you for visiting. Before leaving please take time to drop Carl an email and let him know you stopped by. Just hit the Contact Carl button (lower left side of the screen) and send him a short note.


  • Original Paintings and Drawings, and Prints.
  • Member of Camarillo Art Center.
  • Photos and Artwork from Carl's Family and Friends.
  • Reference information and links for artists
  • Easel Cam: watch as paintings progress, a photo every 2 hours.

Navigating this Site


The buttons on the left side of your screen will help you navigate to the various sections of this website. What's New focuses on the latest additions to the website. The Gallery contains the artwork. The Easel Cam is an interesting look at works in progress. The photos section has family photos and reference photos, as well as pictures Carl has taken on vacation. Carl's Closet contains information on purchasing the artwork you find at The reference section has links and information useful to artists. And, you can read about Carl Gluck in the About Carl section.

Thank you for visiting. Please let your friends know about this site., Carl Gluck
PO Box 2565, Camarillo, CA 93011


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Copyright Notice:

    All of the artwork and writings at this website are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. To find out more please use the Contact Carl button to send Carl an email.,  Carl E. Gluck,  PO Box 2565,  Camarillo,  CA  93011

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