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A variety of Photographs are posted here. Check back often because Carl is always photographing something new. Some of the photos posted in coming days will be reference photos suitable for future artwork.

Carl's new puppy, Buddy, Adopted January 21, 2006.

Carl's friend and companion, Buddy.

See photos of Carl's dog, Buddy (click the image above). He's very photogenic!

July 2005 Minnesota Fishing Trip Photos

Carl's 2005 Fishing Vacation Photos  
Wildlife and Scenery!


Each year Carl goes to northern Minnesota for a weeklong fishing trip. This year his trip was in mid-July. Click on the image above to enter the collection of photos he took this year.

June 2004 Minnesota Fishing Trip Photos

Carl's 2004 Fishing Vacation Photos  
Fish, Birds and Scenery!


2004's trip to Minnesota took place the last week of June. This year Carl got photos of Pelicans, Eagles, Sunsets and Scenery. During his one week trek Carl collects reference photos he uses in some of his paintings during the coming year. Click the image above to see this year's collection.

Art Reference Photos... shots Carl has taken

Trees, Squirrels, Flowers and Scenery

  Carl has put up some photos for download you can use in your artwork.

Sean's Big Adventure, July 2003

Carl's grandson Sean came out to California in the Truck


Carl's Iowa grandson, Sean, rode with his dad David across the country for 2 weeks in July 2003. Here Sean shows how to drive a semi! Click on the image above to see the photos of his visit (which included Hollywood, Universal Studios and Ventura)

Carl's gang, kids and grandkids

Photos from 2002 of Carl's Kids and Grandkids


There is some artwork of Carl's grandchildren in this section. Also see photos of Carl's (adult) children.

June 2003 Minnesota Fishing Trip

Carl's Fishing Vacation Photos Online.... take a look


Carl's annual fishing trip yields some great photos each year. 2003 was no exception. The resort he visits, the Aspen Resort in Northern Minnesota, provides enough photographic reference material to keep him drawing and painting all year.

Christmas 2002

A collection of Family Photos from 2002
Photos to Download


In December 2002 Carl and his wife Sharlene visited Shar's parents and family near Sacramento, then were visited by their kids and grandkids for a grand Christmas celebration. These photos are copyright but may be downloaded and printed for personal use (not for sale or commercial purposes without permission).


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