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Carl E. Gluck

Professional Broadcast Engineer by Day, Artist by Night...

Art by Carl .com
P.O. Box 2565
Camarillo, CA 93011 

Thank you for spending time in my online gallery! Drop me an email and let me know what you think.

An Artist is born...

Carl Gluck lives in Camarillo, California. He did his first pen and ink drawing in the summer of 2001 after returning from a weeklong vacation in the north woods of Minnesota. Prior to that Carl had never held an artist's pen or paint brush in his adult life.

After about a year Carl tried painting, first with oil then with acrylic. During his second year of art he tried Watercolor painting too. His work continues to evolve as is apparent in the portfolio found here. This web site gives his artwork the "wall space" it deserves. Enjoy viewing Carl’s work. Let him know what you think. Email him at carl@artbycarl.com.


Carl is a member of the Camarillo Art Center. He has shown his art publicly. Carl is also working to understand art reproduction which has him reading photography books and trying different cameras, scanners and techniques.


Carl says he still hasn't found his voice with his artwork - he jumps from one media to another, and from one technique to another. Carl has noticed that some artists mature to the point where their art has a unique signature - each painting looks like the previous one as the artist settles in on one media and one theme. But Carl says he has so many things he wants to try, and you can see here that he doesn't stick with any one media for more than a couple of paintings.


Carl has not had any training in art or painting. He often thinks about taking an art class or seeking instruction in one of the area colleges. In the meanwhile he just keeps reading how-to books and experimenting with different brushes, methods and paint materials.


The images at this site are copyright and may not be reproduced. The site will  be updated as each new art project is completed. Carl is a Professional Broadcast Engineer by day so this whole art thing is new and different for him. He welcomes your comments and ideas. By all means please feel free to teach him whatever you can about art. 


Carl is always looking for a unique fresh photograph for a drawing or painting. His favorite subjects are landscapes and portraits (his friends tease him about his fascination with trees which is quite evident in much of his art). If you wish to provide a photo with permission for its use in an upcoming drawing or painting please feel free to forward it to Carl via email. If he uses it, he will provide you with a good copy of the finished work, free.


This website was created to be a "cyber art gallery". It is a quiet, no popup, no advertising website. Actually Carl directed its design based upon several visits to area art galleries. Carl invites you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and enjoy the artwork posted inside.


A common question Carl gets when showing his artwork is: "Do you have a daytime job?" Yes. Carl has worked in radio broadcasting his entire career. He started in 1965 as a volunteer board operator at a non-commercial radio station. Today he is a certified Professional Broadcast Engineer with the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Carl works at Salem Communications Corporation, headquartered in Camarillo. He is the Vice President of Technical Research for the company.


Carl learns things, like how to draw or paint, by reading books and articles. His learning process can be rather "jerky" or impulsive, as he gets a whim to try something, buys the materials, and paints (or draws) away. Sometimes this ends in failure. Sometimes it turns out surprisingly good. Either way Carl learns in the process.


Carl loves to learn. If you have an observation, a tip, or a comment that may help Carl, please take a minute to send him an email.


Mark this website in your favorites and return often...


Carl would enjoy your thoughts about what you like, and what you don't. After viewing his work drop him an email.

About this website: It was actually designed and written by Carl. It is presented in the third person in much the same way an art gallery tour is conducted. Carl's hobby is art, not computers or the Internet. As a result this website is a work in progress as he learns more and more about what makes cyberspace work. If you see something on the website that is misspelled - or is really out of place - send Carl an email and help him make the site better.

Please note: Carl's California Franchise Tax reseller number is available on request. He also has a home occupation permit from the city of Camarillo and reports all financial activity to the I.R.S., as appropriate.

Carl E. Gluck, - Art by Carl .com
P.O. Box 2565, Camarillo, CA 93011


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