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 Carl isn't much of a salesman, so you won't find too much on this website that markets his work. However, for the most part, Carl's artwork is available for purchase. Carl has learned how to have high quality prints produced, and he has found various resources to put his art on clothing, gifts, and mementos. The links above lead to price information and gift ideas. Also note: if you are a business owner and would like to arrange to place some of Carl's paintings on public display, click the display art button above.

As each new piece is created, Carl displays it for a while, and he may enter it in a public showing. When Carl has a piece of art framed he gets it done at Aaron Brothers and has them use an archival kit to ensure the frame's material won't interact with the canvas. Carl uses only the highest quality media and paints so his art will last a lifetime. But eventually, as new art is created, the older art is relegated to Carl's closet - literally (Carl and his wife Sharlene live in a small home so there isn't a lot of room to hang many drawings and paintings. Instead Carl stores a lot of his work in a closet). These originals are available for purchase.

If you would like to purchase a painting send Carl an email (use the Contact Carl button on the left of the page) and tell him which piece you are interested in. Carl will get back with details and a price.

Click Here for a complete price list of the originals that are for sale.

Many of Carl's original paintings have been professionally framed and are ready to hang.


"Somewhere Else"

Acrylic on Canvas

18" X 24" Stretched Canvas plus wood frame


Consider placing Carl's art on
display in your office or store...


02092218X24L5       2nd Acrylic, Church across Lake              33

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