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This page is where things go when they don't fit into a planned category or formatted web page on this site. Carl had these miscellaneous web pages created to hold things he was certain would come along - things he would want to post on his site - but things that were completely unanticipated or planned. This will probably become one of the more interesting collections of stuff here at www.artbycarl.com. Check back here often because as time goes by things will most certainly be added.

Some things work fine, many things do not. Carl has posted some information on a variety of topics where he has purchased or tried something and discovered it works well. Some of the information provides Carl with links to the websites of interest for these working products. Other information is just for fun. To see these links press the "Things that Work" button.

Things That Work


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What do you think about this Website?


Carl is always excited when he gets an email from someone who has visited his website. Most of the site's visitors are people who know Carl. Some have just stumbled upon the site looking for new and original fine art. Whether you're a friend or a stranger Carl wants to know what you think of his website. What works, what doesn't. What would you like to see him add? What do you think of his art (Carl's a tough old bird, you're honesty won't hurt his feelings!). To send Carl an email just touch the button marked "Contact Carl". Or you can write to him at Carl Gluck, Artbycarl.com, PO Box 2565, Camarillo, CA 93011.


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